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If someone wishes to become an organ donor, the person may be kept on artificial support after the person has been declared dead to facilitate anatomical donation.

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An individual who executes an advance health care directive, designates an individual to act or disqualifies an individual from acting as a health care representative or an individual for whom a health care representative acts in accordance with this chapter.

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These codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers.

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ANZ may allow you to use a Security Device for certain transactions.

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Any necessary deed or transfer shall be executed by the personal representative or by such other person as the court shall direct.

All monies due including any interest, fees and charges payable by you to NAB under these terms and conditions will immediately become due and payable on the date of termination.

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You can also create an affidavit of Identification to avoid using a state or federal ID when opening a business bank account.

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