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Happy Weeding anniversary To my sweetheart! Are we not like two volumes of one book? This joy you have now will never fade away. No one and nothing is perfect in this world. Please enter a gift certificate code. You are love in its purest form.

God bless your marriage with great fortitude, courage in adversity and unity of purpose. View Twitter

We knew you two were meant for each other. You did remember to sign the prenup, right? Wishing you a long and sturdy marriage. US, but made Aliyah a few years ago. Blessings to you both on this joyous day. In sickness and in health. Nurture your love always. February is The Promise Day. Weddings are and blessings! Time passes, Luv remains!

How can anyone look so awesome together! May the marriage wishes and blessings for. Wishing u both a very happy anniversary. Congratulations on such an exciting day! Happy Anniversary, favorite couple. May our love grow sturdy each day.